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Fleetwood Gospel Hall
I was born in Vancouver and grew up mostly in Burnaby. Thankfully I was raised in a loving home and appreciate my parents very much. However, I grew up not knowing the gospel message. I first became interested in the Bible after attending a Church service at my girlfriends Church at the age of 15. That night I heard that Jesus was coming again, wow, I never had heard that before, I knew the Christmas story, but had never heard that Jesus would come back again. I was totally shocked and somewhat dismayed because I knew I was not ready for him to come back again. From that night my search for God began, and my goal and objective was to get in a right relationship with God. Unsure how I would accomplish this I decided I needed to live a better life, but that was not as easy as it sounded, and I also started to read the Bible. About one year later, with no success I met a boy in Grade 11 who was a born again Christian. After speaking with Bruce he invited me to a Gospel meeting at the old Woodland Drive Gospel Hall in Vancouver. I was really looking forward to going to a different Church to hear what they had to say. That night I heard the clear Gospel message and it all began to make sense, how that I was a guilty sinner before God, and that my sins were taking me to a lost eternity in Hell. Everything that was said that night was from the Bible, and on the way home from the meeting, I was truly convicted of my sins. As my friends family drove me home eastbound on Highway 1, the thought came into my mind, if this car was to go off the Highway and I was to be killed, where would my soul be? Wow, right there and then it really hit me hard that I was going to Hell because of my sin, and that was what I deserved. Arriving safely home, I went right to my bedroom, and began to think of all that I had heard, but kept coming back to the reality that I was lost. I decided to kneel down and pray, and tell God what a sinner I was, and that I was truly sorry for my sin, then I began to think of Jesus on the cross, and wondered why He had to die, could it be for my sins, YES, right then and there I realized that if Jesus died for sinners, He died for me! Wow what a relief, I was saved by God's matchless, marvelous grace. My life changed from that moment, I learned from God's word that I was now a child of God, and on my way to heaven. Now I no look forward to Jesus coming again! That was over 40 year ago, and I am still living in the enjoyment that my sins are all forgiven, not because of anything I did, but because Jesus died and rose again for me!
Stewart W Wilson
Personal Stories of Salvation
Jason Adams
Bryan Broadhead
Each born again Christian can tell a story of how they first came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.  Below are a few very personal stories of salvation.

Can you look back to a similar event when you trusted Christ?

Check back often as we will continue to add stories of salvation!
Growing up, I never went to Sunday school, or read the Bible. During my teen years, being influenced by the teachings of evolution at school, I believed there was no God, and when life is over, that was it. I was living for the pleasures of this world, without any thought of eternity. When I was 15, I met a Christian at my part time job, and I would debate with him and try to disprove the existence of God.  
At the age of 19, dissatisfied with the emptiness of living only for this world, I told my Christian co-worker that I was going to buy a Bible. I was curious to read what it said for myself. The very next day, he gave me a Bible, and I started to read the Bible for the first time in my life. He also invited me to a gospel tent meeting at Empire Stadium. I went 3 times, but did not feel that the Christian life was for me. 
At the end of that summer, I started attending University, and lost contact with my Christian co-worker. However, the Holy Spirit did not give up on me. I was truly searching as to what is the meaning of life. I definitely had no peace in my life. In a history class, we were learning about the Protestant Reformation. I was impressed with how the Bible had stood the test of time. I started to believe that there might be a God. Remembering that my Christian co-worker had sent me some Gospel messages on tape, along with some Bible pamphlets, around Christmastime, I phoned him up and ended up attending a group Bible study with him. It was February 13th, 1992. After the Bible Reading, he asked me in for a cup of tea, as was his usual invitation, when we would discuss the Bible. Afterwards, as I was leaving, I said, "I want to be in heaven!" He called me back inside, and opened his Bible and we read Romans 3:23 - "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." I had no problem believing I was a sinner. Then we read Romans 6:23 - "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." I realized my sins were taking me to hell. And then we read Romans 5:8-9 - "But God demonstrated His love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him." Right then and there, I believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as my own personal Lord and Saviour. As I left my friends' house that night, I thanked God that even though I had strayed so far from Him, by His Grace, through the death of Christ on the cross in my place, He made it possible for me to have everlasting life. I had a true sense of peace with God - a peace that has never left me, and continues on to this day.
I was born a sinner. Even with parents that were saved, I proved over and over again that sin reigned in my heart. It only takes one sin to be kept out of heaven and I wasn't even close to having only one sin to my name. It was during a special gospel series under the tent in the old Empire Stadium in the summer holidays between grade 7 and grade 8 when I was finally able to rest on Christ alone for the forgiveness of MY sin. For years I wanted to believe, but I never could understand how to believe or how much to believe. After a message that emphasized the suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross for sin, my focus shifted from my action of believing to focus on the source of salvation - Christ alone!