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Let go, let God!

Psalms 62:1

My soul waiteth upon the Lord, from Him cometh my salvation.

I loved the thought that David has given us here, that his soul waited upon the Lord.

The word waited could also be translated 'is silent'. 'my soul is silent before the Lord'

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say 'my soul waits silently before the Lord'

So often David was put to the test in his relationship with GOD countless times, at a young age he faced a Lion, He faced a bear, He took a stand for God before the philistines, and slew Goliath and his 5 brothers. David faced the wrath of Saul for much of his life as a young man. He was hated by the Philistines. He faced a terrible sickness almost unto death. He had one son taken in punishment, and was deposed by another Son, forced to flee the Jerusalem.

Through all this hardship David was faithful to HIs GOD. He never tried to force the solution in his favor. When Saul was hunting him, he had opportunities to slay Saul, but he wouldn’t raise his hand against the Lords anointed. He always waited upon the Lord.. When everyone was against him and he had no friends. He knew that his Salvation came from God and God alone. He knew that GOD was there for him at all times and that he could rely completely upon GOD.

We see this dependance echoed all through the psalms

Psalms 7: 1 Oh Lord in Thee do I put my trust,

Psalms 16:8 I have set the Lord always before me,

Psalms 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvation

Psalm 28:1 Unto Thee will I cry

Psalms 31:1 In Thee o Lord will i put my trust

David knew how GOD had raised the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, carried them through the red sea and the wilderness, provided water, provided bread, provided healing. He had heard of how GOD had provided victory for the children of Israel. but more than just hearing it, He had seen GOD working in these same wonders in his own life, He knew he could fully rely on GOD for all his salvation in every aspect

We are a noisy people, always looking at things from a point of view of our immediate fulfilment or gratification. Are we there yet?, is it done yet?, when can I have some? When will you give it to me? I want it now! It’s part of our selfish and egotistical human nature. It's all about the numbers? how much do i get and how fast? Sadly that can often spill into our own heart, and often we measure what we do for GOD by our own efforts.. By the end result.

Thankfully thats not how GOD measures things.

I love that here David is resting is Quiet confidence in the power of GOD to save. Trusting and that He will work according to His own designs, in perfection. He knows who his salvation comes from.. and He is content.

We can learn a lesson here from David, We know our GOD is great!, and is the source of our salvation, but we need to learn to be patient in our faith, and trust that God will work perfectly. God has a plan for each person, and will work out His own purpose according to His will. We need to be faithful, trusting and realize that God is in control. It not us that can change a heart, it's GOD. He is the one from whom salvation flows

We don't know the route that god will take to bring about salvation in a persons heart. We can only be faithful in our service and present our service humbly to Christ. Even when it’s hard, even the it’s difficult, we need to remember who our strength comes from, who is in control. Trust God.

There' s a phrase that has been popping up in my life over the past few weeks, and maybe it's God trying to give me a message…

‘Let go, let God.’

Psalms 62:1

My Soul waiteth upon the Lord

from him cometh my salvation

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